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Designed to respect the limitations of a mini-invasive approach: atraumatic profile of the implant, low bulkiness, ROI-T® perfectly fits the requirements of intervertebral fusion.




Design for patient safety

  • The cage is manufactured from PEEK-Optima®, a biocompatible material with a modulus of elasticity close to that of healthy bone.
  • Its radiolucency enables post-operative assessment of fusion.
  • Tantalum markers ease Intraoperative and postoperative control of implant position and following of the fusion.
  • All implants are delivered in sterile packaging to ensure product quality and absolute traceability.


Optimized stability and fusion

  • The self-retaining design with chevron shaped teeth ensures an optimal primary stability.
  • ROI-T anatomic shape conforms to the anterior vertebral body.
  • The wide graft chamber, optimizes the contact between the graft and the vertebral endplates enhancing the quality of the fusion.
  • Anterior and posterior side holes enable graft vascularization.


A safe and direct insertion

  • Instrumentation enables easy access, insertion and placement.
  • Shape-matched trials permit accurate fit assessment.
  • Inserter fully supports the implant, providing a strong connection and placement as well as a superior assessment of trial stability.
  • Innovative design of the implant holder allow a secured connection with the implant during insertion while being easy to handle.

Comprehensive selection to match patient anatomy


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